姓名: Peter / 換宿日期: 2020八月 / 台灣大學

My two-week stay with EyeTaiwan had been an incredibly rewarding experience to say the least. The people here are people with different stories to tell and different talents to share. This combo of various backgrounds makes every single conversation worth learning from. Eating out, hanging out and exploring this beautiful city together, we have bonded in a way inconceivable before joining the family. Job-wise, workawayers here assist customers in river tracing, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. The diversity of our customer base allows me to get to know others’ lives and also reflect on my own. And yes, our bodies are also trained because we do our everyday wet suit cleaning and housekeeping. Short as it might be, my time here has replenished me with perspectives and positivity.

For those interested in workawaying in Hualien, I highly recommend EyeTaiwan as THE place. On an ending note, a big shout out to 阿華, 威廉, and Elsie: y’all are truly outdoor enthusiasts who brought passion into work and pass it onto customers and fellow workawayers. Thank you for being such amazing hosts. I wish you nothing but success.